Gutfeld on Letting “Creeps” Get Away with “Something Despicable”


Gutfeld gave a searing monologue of the child trans movement and discussed it with guests. “We’re letting these creeps get away with something despicable.”

People need to speak out as they have.

He noted that researcher and author Hannah Barnes found that a British facility “ignored evidence that 97.5% of children seeking sex changes had autism, depression, or other problems that might have explained their unhappiness…” Children who might not have been trans were treated as “collateral damage,” and doubters were called “transphobic.”

A Christian teacher in California was fired for not agreeing to lie about children’s gender transitions under their privacy policy. They wanted to keep their parents “in the dark by lying.”

The school also ordered her to allow males in the locker room.

Gutfeld said you don’t need the bible to tell you this is wrong.

Another whistleblower is calling out Washington U. They unlawfully billed taxpayers to pay to give children life-altering drugs without parental consent.

The guests agreed

Gutfeld interviewed Piers Morgan, who said everyone knew it was wrong but was branded transphobic. It is clear that it is wrong. The weaponization of these issues becomes the weaponized person.

Piers told Gutfeld his monologue was brave and it is child abuse.

Jimmy Failla said it will end in lawsuits, and someone will make a courtroom drama titled, “Twelve Angry Them.” He said they’re trying to conjure up another civil rights’ movement. He related the media’s approach to Bruce Jenner. It’s all about being a Democrat.

Kat Timpf said you wouldn’t give cancer drugs to someone who might not have cancer.

Morgan referenced one male rapist in Scotland who was married to a woman claimed to be a woman to get into a woman’s prison fo fresh pickings. He was a total scam artist.

Gutfeld mentioned there are no limits.

We need pushback. Speak up, push back.


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