Guy Reffitt Sentenced, Obstruction Is Now Domestic Terrorism


The DOJ classifies right-wing obstruction as terrorism. A prosecutor today asked for more than a decade in prison for Guy Reffitt’s role in the riot of Jan. 6. He didn’t enter the Capitol or hurt anyone. He brought a gun with him that he did not fire. He taped violent threats against Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell on a video cam he wore during the riot. They weren’t serious threats by all accounts. He received 7 1/4 years in prison.

“I just want to see Pelosi’s head hit every f**king stair on the way out. … And (Republican leader) Mitch McConnell too,” Reffitt said. I’ve heard comments like that from both sides of the aisle. He does not have a criminal history or a violent past, but what was he thinking?

Guy Wesley Reffitt

His teen son Jackson turned him in before and after the riot and testified against him because of his language. He took a secret video of his father and sent it to the FBI. The family asked son Jackson, age 19, to write a letter on his father’s behalf, and he wouldn’t do it. The son taped him secretly, turning him into the FBI. If he didn’t like what his father was doing, there were better ways to handle it.

His 16-year-old daughter confirmed his father’s threatening comments.

“He just says things,” Peyton said of her father. “He talks a lot. That’s just him being a drama queen.”

“I wasn’t in fear, I guess,” Peyton continued. “It was annoying in a way.” She added that he was never violent.

He will spend five-and-a-half years on top of his already long incarceration in the worst prison in DC, perhaps in continued solitary.

Mr. Jackson, 49 years of age, is a recruiter for a militia – the Three Percenters – and that made him a big target. It was drummed up by the media.

Mr. Reffitt asked for a jury trial – in DC – and they came back with the verdict within 4 hours last May. He has been in solitary for 18 months so far.

“Mr. Reffitt’s reluctance to admit early that his behavior is illegal is concerning,” District Judge Dabney Friedrich said before handing down the 87-month sentence. “And I want to be very clear … under no legitimate definition of the term ‘patriot’ (does) Mr. Reffitt’s behavior on and around January 6 fit the term. It is the antithesis of the word.”

Friedrich added: “The officers at the Capitol are the patriots, as well as those who fought and even died to protect our democracy, our rule of law … those in the mob are not. Not only are they not patriots, but they’re also a direct threat to our democracy and will be punished as such.”

The charges were obstruction, interfering with a procedure, interfering with Capitol police, and bringing a gun to the Capitol – to the steps. Obstruction is now domestic terrorism – if you are on the right.

The prosecutor said he is a domestic terrorist. If so, we expect those Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters to go before a judge – any time now.

Julie Kelly thinks it’s overkill and unjust.

Julie Kelly has staunchly defended many of the J6 paraders – not the violence – and has taken a lot of hits for it. She doesn’t see this harsh sentence, a sermonizing judge, or a partisan media changing the injustice of it.

Correction: We wrote that his son turned him in before the riot based on bad media reports. He actually reported him to the FBI before and after the riot. He worked hard to get him arrested and to get him a long sentence. Dad better write him out of the will.

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2 months ago

Being a Republican and bringing a gun into Washington DC is stupid. Republicans have no rights in DC.

2 months ago

I suspect this kids were heavily influenced by the local Lefties. I see a Presidential Pardon in his future.

1 month ago
Reply to  PanamaPat

Public school educated kids?

2 months ago

What a moron to tape things like that. He must be a real jerk for his own kids to turn him in.

2 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

It takes a moron to know one, right, lalasissywhat?