Is Philly the new Chicago? Ten-month-old baby shot!


Chicago has been nothing short of a war zone for the last few decades. The long-time Democrat-run city has seen a steady rise in shootings and murders. Neither little children nor the elderly are safe when the bullets start flying.

One dozen Democrat-run cities saw a record number of murders in 2021. Philadelphia was one of those cities. In fact, the City of Brotherly Love had more homicides (500+) than the two largest U.S. cities – New York City and Los Angeles.


A 10-month-old baby girl was shot in Philadelphia on July 31st. She was being held in the arms of her 17-year-old mother when she was shot. The mother was unhurt and the little girl will fully recover.

In separate incidents in July, a 2-year-old boy was shot in the leg while sitting in a car. The child underwent surgery and was in stable condition. Four young teenagers were shot in a hail of gunfire in front of an apartment building. Two were shot in the face. All four kids are expected to recover.

As of mid-July, 114 children under the age of 18 have been shot in Philadelphia.

No one is safe and nothing is sacred in Philly. A wedding reception this weekend ended early when two guests got into a fight. One woman shot another woman in the leg. The victim is expected to recover. The shooter left her car at the wedding venue. She won’t be hard to find.


Philadelphia reached a grim milestone in mid-July when an 18-year-old man became the 300th murder victim in the City of Less-Than-Brotherly Love. Ballistic evidence showed at least 52 shots were fired during the incident, according to Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Even more troubling is that Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney admitted he had not met with any family members of the murder victims. “I met with some children who have been shot, little babies shot in the crossfire, but never their families. That’s not something I’ve done from the time I started being mayor,” Kenney added.

Democrat Mayor Kenney said, “We implore everyone, from elected officials to community members, to work together to find solutions to solve this deeply complex issue.” Democrats have run Philadelphia since 1952, so I don’t think elected officials will be of any help.


When George Floyd died there were riots across the country. Anger, outrage, violence. But when babies and little children are shot and killed, there’s silence. Crickets.

So where is Black Lives Matter? In their mansions? Where is President Biden? In his basement? Where is VP Harris? Certainly not at the southern border!

Sadly, the majority of shooting victims are black and live in Democrat-run cities. Shootings and murders are routine in Chicago. Over the Independence Day weekend, for example, more than 60 people were shot in the Windy City. But it seems Philadelphia is now vying for the title of one of the most violent cities in the U.S.

Is Philly the new Chicago?

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1 year ago

Maybe starting another neighborhood watch group would help (sarcasm intended).

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

JOE BIDEN’S AMERICA. Keep in mind that all of it is HIS fault and that of the corrupt polluted politicians who have no business in any leadership role. Virtually every single democrat-run city/state is vile, filthy, and run by devils.

1 year ago

No one is safe in any Democrat run City. If you’re in a Democrat run City, in a Democrat run State just bend over, liberally apply petroleum jelly, and spread your cheeks. You’re screwed!