Hailed by SJWs, Frankfurt Is the First German City Where Germans Are a Minority


The social engineers in the U.S. and in the EU are winning. They are successfully forcing the migration of foreigners into the West to provide “greater opportunities for ‘social justice'”.

Germans are now the minority in Frankfurt Germany with 51.2% of the population hailing from a migrant background.

It’s the first German city where more than half the residents in the city are migrants according to official figures. Turkish immigrants are the largest minority at 13% of the population. About 61% of the migrants were born in another EU country.

Immigrants are more likely to be unemployed and poor according to the data.

In terms of employment rates, 83 per cent of German men and 78 per cent of German women are in work, figures which drop to 73 per cent and 59 per cent amongst men and women with foreign backgrounds, respectively.

What makes this most ironic is Germans were hoping to replace their rapidly declining German population due to low-birth rates. The left wanted low birth rates for their fake population problems. Now their replacements aren’t working enough to take care of their elderly

Other cities are right behind, to include the German cities of Augsburg and Stuttgart. Other European cities are already majority foreign: London, Amsterdam, Geneva and Brussels. These demographic transformations are being celebrated as providing greater opportunities for “social justice”.

Noting that two-thirds of young people in many of Western Europe’s major cities are of foreign origin, the authors of Super-Diversity: A New Perspective on Integration slammed politicians’ calls for newcomers to assimilate, stating: “If there is no longer an ethnic majority group, everyone will have to adapt to everyone else. Diversity will become the new norm.”


Frankfurt’s secretary Sylvia Weber is thrilled at the high rate of single motherhood amongst women of foreign origin, which the report showed was significantly higher than that of native Germans in the city. She sees it as “a possible sign that female migrants are emancipating themselves”.

The demographic information comes from the Frankfurt Integration and Diversity Monitoring, a 200-page report.

The U.S. is changing as well

The U.S. leftists want a black United States. They’ve been cooking this idea up for decades.

The U.S. cities are becoming foreign countries and the blacks are the second-class citizens. The left wanted blacks to accept single motherhood and they have to their great detriment. More than 70% are unwed mothers.

The following are examples of the changes to the population.

According to the U.S. Census, New York City has a population that’s only 33% white; another 25% are Black, 28% are Hispanic, almost 13% are Asian and nearly 38% are foreign born. More than 20% are in poverty.

Los Angeles is 50% white and 48% Hispanic. About 16% are in poverty, 35% are foreign born.

Chicago is 31% white and they are a minority. The largest numbers are black at 33% and Hispanic is next at 29%. Another 21% are foreigners and 21% of the entire population is in poverty.

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Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
4 years ago

Holy Shit!!!!