Haitians from Chile win! Bad optics so they all got sent around the US


According to the AP, Haitians — who are mostly from Chile and Brazil — are being released in large numbers into the interior of the United States. Some are given REQUESTS to appear. They aren’t even orders.

At the end of the day, the Haitians won.

They bum-rushed the border, dug in, built a third-world refugee camp under a bridge, got the Democrats some bad press, and were then released into the interior to live off the welfare system. Democrats offered them all of our benefits and that’s why they came. One can’t blame them.

Thousands of Haitian migrants who flooded into Del Rio were already working and living comfortably as refugees in Chile, the wealthiest country in South America. They only set off for the US after Biden scrapped the Trump-era deportation policy of HaitiansWatch the four clips:

Hundreds of Haitians are heading for Tucson along with Afghans. We know a lot went to Florida.

Bill Melugin did a fact-check of the Biden press secretary Jen Psaki’s lies after covering part of today’s presser. He described the third-world conditions under the bridge in Del Rio.

Despite Biden’s cabal claiming catch and release isn’t happening, it is. They are given supplies and then get on buses to wherever they want to go in the United States.

Melugin said other “journalists have been…seeing Haitians all over their flights.”

We have no idea who these people are – none. Watch:


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