Hakeem Jeffries Goes Off the Rails Over Speaker Johnson


Democrat minority leader Hakeem Jeffries spoke to the full house after GOP representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana was elected Speaker of the House on Wednesday. He went completely bonkers.

Uncle Lenny’s nephew compared this so-called adversity of appointing Speaker Johnson to the Civil War, the stock market crash, the Great Depression, Pearl Harbor 911, and of course January 6.

“We faced adversity right here in the House of Representatives when, on January 6, 2021, a violent mob of insurrectionists, incited by some in this chamber, overran the House floor as part of an effort to hold the peaceful transfer of power every time.”

Democrats have maintained that absurd lie of a riot and a rally as an insurrection due to a compliant media and an extreme and hateful administration.

Jeffries refers to the mild-mannered Speaker Johnson as someone who incited an insurrection. It’s clearly not true, But Mr. Johnson is a Trump supporter, which puts a bullseye on his back.

CNN wailed against Mr. Johnson as a “vocal supporter of former President Donald Trump and the key congressional figure in the failed efforts to overturn the 2020 election.”

The riots led by Antifa and black lives matter, who are Democrat-approved rioters, were far more insidious and dangerous than anyone or anything that happened on January 6. January 6 and 9/11 had nothing in common, any more than a firecracker has anything in common with a dirty bomb.

Yet Jeffries said, “We faced adversity on September 11, 2001, when the towers and the Pentagon were unexpectedly struck, killing thousands of lives in an instant.”

Jeffries forgot to mention that Islamic terrorists blew up the towers and hit the Pentagon. Islamic terrorists like ISIS, like Hamas, like that.

There is no Republican Speaker that Jeffries would’ve treated fairly, so anything he says is irrelevant to most Republicans. Unfortunately, his now Marxist party listens. Whether they believe it is questionable. It’s a useful ploy. Make your enemy so despicable that no one could vote for him.

This is what he said when McCarthy became Speaker.

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