Haley’s Campaigning for Votes from Billionaires, Democrats, RINOs


Major GOP donor Andy Sabin told Never Trumper Neil Cavuto where Nikki Haley is getting most of her donations. She is surging in New Hampshire relative to Ron DeSantis. It seems impossible until you realize why she’s suddenly growing in popularity.

Ron DeSantis is burning out, and Chris Christie has run for the exit, and there’s another reason – she’s relying on Democrat votes.

It is just what no Trump supporter would ever vote for, but Democrats want to eliminate Donald Trump. Haley must think she can win without conservatives.

Haley’s like Jeb Bush. She thinks she can win without half the party.

Chris Sununu, Republican Governor of New Hampshire, encouraged Democrats in Iowa this morning to attend Republican Caucuses, and switch parties, and vote for Nikki Haley. Do you believe this RINO?

Donald Trump responded to questions from supporters about Haley’s questionable rise in the polls.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The core of the GOP operation is corrupt, not conservative, and complicit. Spoiled brat Sununu is earning his stripes by endorsing Haley and asking for dem votes. The party leadership loves him. He expects to be Haley’s VP.

The GOP had plenty of time to work in Iowa to defeat Trump and they failed. NH is a week from today and they are also far behind there, only rigging at the polls can defeat Trump there.

Haley was a known quantity years ago when she immediately folded and removed the state flags, which were fine historical flags.

John Vieira
John Vieira
1 month ago

Looks like a rino (female variety) to me….