Hamas Is Blocking Civilians from Leaving Gaza


The war in Israel today is only between Israel and Iranian proxies. Iran and Russia are allegedly conferring, and Turkey is unhappy about the impending march into Gaza. The US presence is clear. So far, the war has not expanded.

As we’ve seen in the US, especially American universities, Turkish citizens are throwing pro-Palestine/Hamas rallies.

Nazis are alive and well. Hamas are ISIS are Nazis. There is no difference. The pro-Palestine protests immediately after an unspeakable attack are not pro-Palestine. They’re pro-Hamas.

Israel has turned Gaza’s water back on, and the Israelis and Egyptians have reopened the escape route for the civilians.

Hamas won’t let civilians out of Gaza and has set up roadblocks. They are the monsters, using their own people as human shields.

Alarmingly, the anti-Jewish hate is everywhere. Remember when Harvard liked Jews and didn’t have 32 organizations rooting for Nazis like Hamas?

This excerpt is from an article in The Crimson on August 3, 2014:

For me, the word “pogrom” evokes black and white images of Cossacks attacking Jews living in the shtetl, scenes from movies like “Fiddler on the Roof,” back in the times of olde when Jews were unequal before the law.

Well, pogroms have happened in France several times throughout the past couple of weeks, so maybe they’re not as antiquated as I thought.

Though some might feel that it’s extreme to use the word “pogrom,” in this case, I truly do not believe that I am exaggerating. Short of including actual murder, the recent anti-Semitic demonstrations in France have been reminiscent of pre-World War II Eastern Europe.

On Bastille Day, a group of anti-Israel protesters besieged a Paris synagogue filled with congregants while waving the flags of terrorist groups like Hamas, brandishing replicas of Qassam rockets that are being launched into Israel, and screaming phrases such as “Death to the Jews” and “Hitler was right.” On Sunday, despite the French government’s ban on protests instituted out of fear of another pogrom, a group of anti-Israel demonstrators marched through the streets screaming, “Death to Israel,” burned a kosher grocery store and a Jewish-owned pharmacy, and attempted to destroy some synagogues. The violence seems to be never ending, with news of new attacks every few days.

I’m not Jewish, and none of my ancestors died in a Holocaust. Some died in the potato famine or at the hands of the British. One died on his way over with his large family, and they threw his body overboard. Others came in the 1600s with the Dutch East India company, in servitude. They came for freedom of religion.

I worked with many Jewish people and rarely agreed with them politically. However, almost all of them were among the kindest, most loving of children that I’ve ever met. And it’s true what they say about Jewish mothers; they’re wonderful – for the most part. I’m also smart enough to know that if the radicals get their way and kill Jewish people, I’m next. And when they are done with me, they’ll come for you.

That doesn’t mean I want to go to war. I think the Jewish people can handle this war in Israel without our help. We certainly shouldn’t support Hamas, but that’s my opinion and I’m right. They’re Nazis.

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