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Reports out of Israel indicate that Israel is now at war with Lebanon. It was unprovoked.

There are also reports from the Wall Street Journal that say Iranian troops are moving in from Syria.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are advancing pro-Iranian militia forces from the Deir ez-Zor area toward the capital Damascus, and the border with Israel. According to the report from an adviser to the Syrian government and an activist in the Deir ez-Zor region, these include missile experts, and the adviser made it clear that Iran’s main position “remains mainly defensive.” He said there is a fear that if the war spills over into Syria, there will be a fundamental need to “act in defense of the Assad regime.”

Israel had no intention of involving Syria or Lebanon unless they’re attacked.

The Iranian Foreign Minister Abu Ali in an interview with Al Jazeera (and Iranian-friendly propaganda outlet):

If the efforts to stop the aggression on Gaza do not succeed, then the expansion of the war fronts is not something that should be ruled out. The chance of this increases every hour.

The problem has always been Iran.

Unfortunately, the United States has wanted to start a war with Iran for decades. While they are the single most dangerous terrorist nation in the world at the moment, a war with Iran would likely involve Russia, China, North Korea, and other enemies.

Start praying that the US doesn’t enter a war with Iran.

The good news is no one is calling for a draft. Defense officials confirm the armed forces have made no such recommendation to Congress or the president, which are the entities empowered to authorize a draft, reports Military Times.

Nicole Schwegman, a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Defense, dismissed the claims as false, noting in a phone interview that only Congress and the president have the ability to call for a draft, and the military has not recommended elected officials even consider it.

Our administration is extremely weak, as we saw with Afghanistan. We have a figurehead and unknown, unelected bureaucrats in the background running things. They are all Marxists.

We are 33.5 trillion in debt, and Biden is still spending billions every day. We are prepared for and have sent quite a lot of weaponry to Ukraine. Recently, Anthony Blinken said there’s a limit to how much we were sent, and there is an endpoint. That’s quite different from what he has been saying.

Iranian Foreign Minister Amir Hossein Abdallahian told Al Jazeera that Hezbollah has defined all the stages of the red lines and will take the appropriate measures at each stage.

Netanyahu’s mission is to dismantle Hamas.

Lebanon this morning ET:

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