Hamas Posted a Dress Rehearsal of the Attack 2 Weeks Before


It’s not clear how no one’s intelligence, except maybe Egypt’s, picked up this attack video – a public dress rehearsal conducted by Hamas before the attack. [Video below]

A propaganda video posted to social media by the group on September 12th featured fighters utilizing explosives to get through a replica of a boarding gate on the Gaza-Israeli border. It also showed them going building by building through the reconstruction of an Israeli town. While this attack is seen as a major failure on the part of Israel’s intelligence services, it doesn’t say much for America’s, either.

“There clearly were warnings and indications that should have been picked up,” said Bradley Bowman, a former US Army officer, now senior director of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “Or maybe they were picked up, but they didn’t spark necessary preparations to prevent these horrific terrorist acts from happening.”

Israel completed a $1.1 billion project to fortify defenses along its border with Gaza in 2021. It included an electric fence, but Hamas was able to make its way through the wall in minutes using explosive charges to make holes in the barrier, followed by bulldozers that made the breaches wider. They also flew in on aerolites while shooting and by sea.

Kurt Schlichter wrote in Townhall:

Understand that our foreign and domestic enemies not only eagerly support the frenzy of rape and murder we saw in Israel but that they want it repeated here in America. When they talk about “the consequences of colonialization” or complain that Israel has defended itself, they are normalizing mass atrocities by their purported allies against their actual enemies.

Their enemies in Israel are Jews – men, women, and children – and here, their enemies are normal Americans – again, men, women, and children. Denial simply empowers these monsters, and attempts by the goo-goos to appeal to our enemies’ morality or to point out facts and argue in good faith will end in abject failure. What matters to our enemies is that we suffer and die. Nothing less will satisfy them.

They want you dead, horribly. Your family as well. Too bad if the truth scares you. You can deny it, but you’re only fooling yourself – and probably not even yourself.

How do I know they want us dead? They tell me on social media, where the fellow travelers of the brave warriors who take on unarmed women and children cheer on the atrocities.  What do you think they mean by “decolonization”? They mean you deceased. ..read more

What do you think? I say close the borders, root out violent radicals, real domestic terrorists, and arm up.

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