Extremely Graphic Video of Israel Massacre


I normally would never put up a video like this on the site, but people are very skeptical about the amount of violence that took place in Israel on Saturday. There is a lot of cynicism regarding the beheadings. I think people need to know how far terrorists go with their ideology. People tend not to believe this is even possible, and they have been lied to so much.

These are just a few quick clips; some come from captured or dead terrorists themselves. So far, 1,500 terrorists in Israel are dead.

Please know that this video is very graphic. It’s horrific. I think people should know what goes on, but watch it knowing it could be too upsetting for you.

Keep in mind that our borders are wide open, and our enemies know it’s wide open. We are not vetting, nor are we tracking any of these people coming in.

I want Americans to be safe, and this is so far beyond partisan politics.

As Henry Kissinger said, “It was a grave mistake to let in so many people of totally different culture and religion and concepts because it creates a pressure group inside each country that does that,” the 100-year-old diplomat said. He was talking to Germany’s Welt TV at the time. The same could be said for the entire West, including the USA.

We are committing suicide.

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