Hamas Terrorist Casually Says he Shot Young Children for Crying


During an interrogation of a Hamas terrorist who participated in the October 7 massacre of Jewish families, he admitted matter-of-factly that he and another terrorist heard the sound of young children crying in a safe room in a house, which they entered through the window. They were eating dates and drinking water when they first heard it. When the crying continued, they opened fire. They kept firing until they didn’t hear the crying anymore.

Then the army came, and they surrendered. But first, they threw grenades at the soldiers for about ten minutes.

He admitted it was not what Mohammed would want them to do, but they were following Hamas’s orders, adding Hamas is the same as ISIS. He said his father doesn’t know he’s part of Hamas and would kill him if he knew about his actions.

Maybe they should just release this psycho to his father’s custody.

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