Pittsburgh Schools to Replace “Racist” Math


Pittsburgh Public Schools is hiring a consulting group to educate teachers on replacing “white supremacy culture practices” in math. Instead, teachers would include lessons on the “wellness of students of color.”

On October 25, the school board approved a measure to give Quetzal Education consulting $5,000 to educate teachers on how to “identify, disrupt and replace” “racist” math practices.

Fox News reported:

The contract with Quetzal will provide the school with “additional foundational knowledge of antiracist math pedagogy and tangible learning experiences that can be implemented with students.”


The school board’s agenda for the meeting confirms the purpose of the introductory workshops, which will confront “oppressive practices in math instruction with practices that center the wellness of students of color and to provide opportunities for math departments and math teachers to grow their antiracist math praxis collaboratively in pedagogy and instruction.”

It was also confirmed that participants in the leadership workshop series will “engage in an ongoing workshop series on the topic of antiracist math leadership.”

Instead of concentrating on math, which is hard enough, they’re pushing a Marxist agenda that is opposed to American values and the US Constitution.

When you go to the Quetzel Education website, you’re greeted by their slogan, “Decolonize. Reclaim. Reimagine.” Faux colonization is, of course, what Communists use to divide people.

“We help schools and educational spaces transform their culture and praxis to foster anti-oppressive spaces,” Quetzel boasts.

Key to Marxism is demonizing white Christians and convincing people the country is a land of oppressed and oppressors.

Their services:

We work to strategically and impactfully disrupt oppression.

We are a Black and Brown womxn-led educational consulting firm with a national network of teachers, administrators, and community organizers. Through innovative content and approaches, Quetzal supports your antiracist goals to tangibly and impactfully disrupt oppression.

There was a time when Americans knew not to take kooks seriously, and how things have changed.

The program is the anti-white, anti-American DEI, or CRT – the two are interchangeable.

Here’s more – it’s pure anti-white racism:

Quetzal Education Consulting supports institutions working to build a legacy of liberatory education with Black and Brown communities through anti-oppression consultation.


We ally with Black and Brown communities to decolonize education, reclaim our ancestral genius, and reimagine post-abolitionist spaces for families, students, and educators of Color.

These programs are going on throughout the country, ruining generations of children.

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1 month ago

So let me get this straight they want to replace Math (something American kids are falling behind in anyway) with more Cultural Marxist bullhicky? What ever could go wrong? How is diverting resources from the teaching of Math (which is considered a universal language) to subjective identity politics driven garbage going to “improve outcomes for black and brown students?” Furthermore “womxn” is not a word. X is not a vowel and if they can’t handle English (which for me was easier to understand than Math) how do they hope to actually teach math? You know they say there is a correlation between leftism and mental illness and I have to wonder how many of these female educators leading this charge are suffering from mental illness. Perhaps they should seek treatment for themselves before inflicting their delusions on school children.

1 month ago

I’ll be sure not to hire anyone who went to school in Pittsburgh.

1 month ago

Reclaim your ancestral genius? That’s funny! Your ancestors lived in mud huts. Is that what you want to reclaim? Go for it!

1 month ago

Dumb everything down for the black students as they are taught they are not equal to white students. Do black parents agree with this? The liberal mind is the worst enemy to the black community.