Hannah Nikole-Jones gets tenure with falsified US history on her resume


The University of North Carolina caved and awarded tenure to Hannah Nikole-Jones, a fabricator of US history. There was pressure on the university from her allies, faculty, and students. As usual, the university ceded, giving her credibility she does not deserve and a high perch from which to continue her inaccurate and anti-American re-telling of US history.

“Today’s outcome and the actions of the past month are about more than just me. This fight is about ensuring the journalistic and academic freedom of Black writers, researchers, teachers, and students. We must ensure that our work is protected and able to proceed free from the risk of repercussions, and we are not there yet. These last weeks have been very challenging and difficult and I need to take some time to process all that has occurred and determine what is the best way forward,” she said, The Hill reported.

While at least one donor was deeply concerned about her 1619 Project, the university claimed her unorthodox background is what made them hesitate in giving her tenure.

“We’re talking about a lifetime position here, so they’re not entered into lightly,” Richard Stevens, who chairs the board of trustees at the Chapel Hill campus, told reporters last month.

“And it’s not unusual for a member of the board, or in particular the chair of the committee, to have questions for clarification about background, particularly candidates that don’t come from a traditional academic-type background,” he added. “In this case, Chair Duckett asked for a little bit of time to be able to do that,” reports The Hill.

Giving her tenure is a disgrace.


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