New York City is under a blackout threat


New York City residents were told to shut down appliances and scale back on air conditioning. They are under a threat of blackouts due to an ongoing heatwave in the Big Apple [and an incompetent administration]. We typically have a heatwave this time of year. What’s different is the administration and their priorities. It’s often in the high-80s and low 90s in July. What are they going to do for a month?

Energy provider Con Edison urged customers to conserve energy in order to “help keep service reliable.” They followed up later with a tweet informing residents that they would be distributing dry ice to Brooklynites who had already lost power after four days of high temperatures and humidity.

Roughly 1,700 people were impacted by the Brooklyn outages, FOX 5 reported.

Residents also received phone alerts calling for them to “immediately limit energy usage to prevent power outages as the intense heat continues,” to “avoid the use of high-energy appliances such as washers, dryers, and microwaves” and to “limit unnecessary use of air conditioning.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted Wednesday, “We need New Yorkers to take IMMEDIATE action: reduce your use of electricity in your home or your business for the rest of the day. We need to avoid energy disruptions during this heat emergency.”

It’s becoming like California.

New York City is destroyed (If the first clip doesn’t work, you can watch it on this link):

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