Hanoi John trashes 74 million Americans and the ‘Orange Menace’


Former Secretary of State ‘Hanoi John’ Kerry, the new climate change czar in the upcoming Biden administration, said on Tuesday that the nation has taken “a great step forward” in fighting for democracy “by rejecting the Orange Menace and moving forward with a new presidency.”

Kerry’s ignoring 74 million-plus Americans who he thinks are just groupies following the ‘Orange Menace’ around. The arrogance, elitism, and disrespect are repugnant.

When he made his comments, Kerry was speaking with communistic “squad” member Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.). Kerry had just been awarded the Environmental League of Massachusetts’ 2020 Commonwealth Environmental Leadership award.

Democrats love to give themselves awards.

The virtual discussion dealt mostly with climate change. Kerry is set to become “special presidential envoy for climate,” the first-ever National Security Council-level official.

He calls those who push back against the global warming dogma as “doubt-sowers” and “deniers.”

Kerry said America was “in trouble,” both on the climate change and democracy fronts.

“We’re in trouble – I mean, our democracy’s in trouble, so we’ve got a fight on that front. We made a great step forward to do that by rejecting the Orange Menace and moving forward with a new presidency, one committed to doing the right things, all under the umbrella of restoring the soul of our country.”

“But it’s not enough,” he continued, saying that “having had the privilege of negotiating” the Paris climate accord, “I can tell you … we’re not getting done even what we promised in Paris.”

Earth’s Temperature Will Still Rise

“And even if we did everything that was promised in Paris, the earth’s temperature’s still going to rise to 3.7 degrees Fahrenheit [he means Celsius],” Kerry said. “But because we’re not doing anything, we’re actually heading to [a rise of] 4.1, 4.5 degrees today. It’s beyond catastrophic.”

He has no evidence it will.

The 2016 Paris agreement aims to prevent average global temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels by achieving net-zero carbon emissions by the second half of the century.

Kerry’s thrilled that we are going to re-enter an accord that means we must abandon our energy sector and redistribute out wealth and resources to the world so they can burn fossil fuels.

He only sees his truth, and his truth is warped.


“And Barack Obama has written about it in his book, I’ve written about it at other times and given speeches on it, as have others. And that is the notion that if you cannot establish what the truth is, if you don’t accept what basic facts are, it is really hard to have a workable democracy.”

“And that’s what’s been happening to us,” he said. “You know, the other side wants us to debate whether two and two is five, instead of two, and two is actually four. We don’t have to debate it at all.”

Kerry said that “doubt-sowers, the deniers, the big money, fossil fuel, and others are spending billions to prevent people from moving faster” in the direction needed to tackle climate change.

Secretary of State John Kerry wants to fundamentally transform the world’s economy and he wants it financed by “rich” governments. He is talking about global governance over a global economy, in other words pure socialism or worse. He recently stated that Americans overwhelmingly voted for The Great Reset, a movement in Europe to transform into a global socialist economy.

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