Harcore left Twitter sends ‘Taiwan’ searches to ‘China’


China is planning a takeover of Taiwan, an independent island where the Chinese freedom fighters fled to escape communism. It was under Japan’s control but they ceded it to the Taiwanese in 1912.

Twitter appears to agree with the Chinese Communists and now seems to send searches for Taiwan to China.

Jack Dorsey should be recognized as a communist sympathizer for this and many other pro-communist initiatives. It’s no secret he hangs out with communists like Sean Penn.

Journalist Jeryl Bier on Friday morning noticed Twitter’s discrepancy, which mirrors Chinese Communist Party talking points.

The Washington Free Beacon confirmed the pattern.

A Twitter spokesman told Free Beacon that the company was “looking into” the pattern but did not give further explanation. It is not clear whether Twitter is A/B testing the search change on some users, as the search algorithm holds for some Twitter accounts but not for others.

Bier noted that the pattern works in both directions: Searches for China show some tweets with the word Taiwan.

The pattern suggests that Twitter maintains a policy of linking the two countries in search, perhaps as a way to placate the Chinese Communist Party.

It’s hard to understand why since they’re banned from China.

However, to update to today, that seems to have changed and you can get Taiwan. For how long, we can’t say.

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