Hard-Hitting Investigative Reports on Nothing Issues Will Continue in 2019


First of all, Happy New Year everyone! This year will be a great one! The President sent out his New Year’s greeting in caps this year and we have that at the end of the post.

President Trump doesn’t keep his salary and he skipped his vacation and New Year’s Eve party to work. The appreciation from the press just wasn’t there.


In case you missed it, a hard-hitting news reporter from CNN [and Playboy] tracked down the President and came to the conclusion he wasn’t tweeting from the Oval Office.

The reporter didn’t see a Marine outside the White House which, to him, has to mean the President isn’t there.

Where do these idiots think the President has gone and went unnoticed?

Melania Trump went off alone last night to greet the guests at Mar-A-Lago in his place. While Nancy Pelosi worked on her tan in Hawaii and all Democrats went MIA, the President remained at the White House waiting for them to make a deal so he can send people back to work.

He can’t even get credit for that from our fake news media.

Vanity Fair made a point of headlining their New Year’s article with the usual negativity: “IN SOME WAYS IT’S A MORE PLEASANT CLUB WHEN TRUMP ISN’T HERE”: MAR-A-LAGO PREPARES FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE WITHOUT ITS STAR ATTRACTION.

You can imagine how that article went. The media also claims Melania leaving her husband to greet their guests in their Florida resort, as is their tradition, was equivalent to snubbing her husband.

She must have looked spectacular since you can’t find a single photo of her as of the morning of the 1st.


White House press deputy Hogan Gidley blasted the reporter who questioned whether or not President Trump was working at his Oval Office desk on Monday.

Playboy reporter and CNN analyst Brian Karem tweeted Monday morning that Trump was lying when he claimed to be in the Oval Office because no Marine was stationed outside the door [that he saw], which is customary when the president is in the office.

POTUS tweet minutes ago claimed he was in the Oval Office. No marine there so that’s another lie, Karem tweeted.

The President responded, I’m in the Oval Office. The pool report then blathered about no Marine outside.

Karem continued, No you aren’t. And the press door is still locked too, he insisted in a tweet.

That went on and on all day yesterday. Like, wow, who cares?

Gidley fired back, saying he saw Trump himself sitting behind the Resolute Desk working in the Oval Office minutes before his tweet.

So, now I’m just waiting for you and the rest of your ilk to either stop jumping to false conclusions, correct the record, or, here’s a thought, call the press team to ask,” Gidley wrote on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter what the truth is. The so-called reporters continue to spread the lie that he was not in the Oval Office.

The Hill editor Brian Krassenstein put this idiotic comment out into the Twitter sewer [mind you, Ivanka, Jared, and Melania don’t get paid but ultra-rich Nancy does]:

In Trump’s first tweet of the year, he used all caps. It’s a great message!

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