Hardcore leftist Michael Moore hails rioters, calls for open revolution


Communistic Michael Moore pushed out a series of crazed leftist tweets and a podcast praising the felons who burned down a police precinct under the guise of protesting police abuse of George Floyd.

In the posts, Moore specifically urges protesters to “demolish” the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Police Precinct headquarters. He accuses “White Minnesota” of telling the world that it’s “OK” to “murder” black people. Then he called for open “revolt.”  He might as well have called it what it is, a communist revolution.

Far-left Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey of Minneapolis ordered police to “evacuate the Third Precinct.” By the end of the night, predictably, rioters had demolished the building, and more than 170 businesses were “damaged or looted.”

Michael Moore told fans Thursday night that he is thrilled that arsonists decided to raze Minneapolis’ “evil police precinct” linked to former Officer Derek Chauvin.

Three days of looting, violence, and destruction following the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who was pinned down by Mr. Chauvin.

“Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in MN after all police were out [and] safe,”  Moore tweeted Thursday night (posts below). “All police should go home. No violence please. Police HQ must be demolished by the city tomorrow as a show of contrition to black America. Rebuild PD with decent kind [people] aka [people] of color.”

Moore followed that post up by describing the riots as “liberating” Minnesota. In response to a “lockdown”-themed tweet by Trump declaring “liberate Minnesota!” Moore wrote: “YES! MR.PRESIDENT! IT’S HAPPENING! You’ve inspired so many!”

“I wake up this morning and the four killer cops are still on the loose in Minneapolis?” Moore wrote in a follow-up tweet Friday morning. “They murdered George Floyd on Monday and they’re still not behind bars? The prosecutor is now a lawbreaker by letting them run free. Arrest him too. Clearly Minnesota hasn’t gotten the message.”

Moore then directed a post to “White Minnesota,” as well as Georgia and Kentucky, accusing them all of believing it’s a “beautiful thing” to murder black people: “White Minnesota — you’ve told us quite clearly: ‘Police Murder of Black people is OK!’ Georgia: ‘Hunting & Murdering Black ppl is cool’ Kentucky: ‘Cops plugging 8bullets into a Black woman in the middle of the night in her own home is a beautiful thing!’ Riots? THIS IS A REBELLION”

After inciting riots in his posts, Moore issued another tweet stressing “nonviolence” — even against “dirty murdering white cops.” He was pushing a tweet by troublemaker Marxist Colin Kaepernick.

“Nonviolence. Harm no one, not even dirty murdering white cops,” he wrote. “They kill. Over [and] over again. We stand by [and] we just watch. So we must rise up. We revolt. We remove Trump in a few months. White [people] — here’s your chance to take a stand against 401 yrs of this.”

The maker of inaccurate films hates white people and he hates America:

He makes heroes of these criminal leftists:

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