Harry & Meghan are ‘inspiring millions’ with their wokeness


Britain’s Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making a name for themselves, allegedly as great inspirations. But some say they are also royal pains.

As pains, they have issued a long list of demands for speaking appearances.

For one thing, they must have an upfront guarantee of the exact amount of money they will be paid and the ability to choose who introduces them and moderates the event, a report said Tuesday.

Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle inked a $150 million-dollar production deal with Netflix. They also signed on with the New York-based powerhouse Harry Walker Agency for speaking engagements.

According to a four-page “Virtual Event Request Form” devised by HWA for the royal duo, the pair will have the say-so on every detail of their online appearances, said London’s Telegraph, which obtained a copy of the conditions.

For example, they choose the Introducer and Moderator. The fee must be paid directly from the contractor. They won’t agree to anything until they know who the attendees will be and how many. They have to know every sponsor and what they get in return for sponsorship.

In addition, they must know of live or pre-recorded elements and who else might speak. They want to know what the audience will see on-screen and if branding will be incorporated.

The prince and Meghan even want to know what “connection format” the event will be broadcast through, to spare them the embarrassment of an unexpected technological glitch.

They get $1 million per speech.

Their charity doesn’t come cheap, but they’ll blather about politics for free. They are very preachy and hyper woke leftists.


The Netflix co-CEO and chief content officer, Ted Sarandos says: “Harry and Meghan have inspired millions of people all around the world with their authenticity, optimism, and leadership. We’re incredibly proud they have chosen Netflix as their creative home – and are excited about telling stories with them that can help build resilience and increase understanding for audiences everywhere.”

Oh, puh-leeze…

The royal family can’t be thrilled that they are selling themselves and their titles. They did pay off the English cottage and they are financially independent because they are for sale at a high price.

Meghan Kelly isn’t impressed. She tweeted, “How could anyone possibly feel ‘inspired’ by M&H’s ‘authenticity, optimism & leadership’ or ‘resilience’ given that they’ve spent the past 2 yrs whining, quitting, living off rich people & preaching about equality from their position of supreme elitism?”

Some say Kelly’s right. They are very annoying and unaware of their own hypocrisy or they don’t care.

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