Harvard Lost $1 Billion in Donations Over President Claudine Gay


According to billionaire alumni Bill Ackman, Harvard has lost a staggering $1 billion in donations over its handling of anti-Semitism on campus. They want President Claudine Gay to resign.

Claudine Gay

The 53-year-old President survived an emergency meeting Sunday night, but that’s not the end of it. The university didn’t want to cave to outside pressures, especially those of Bill Ackman.

Ackman said that President Gay’s failures are not just a matter of character. They “have led to billions of dollars of canceled, paused, and withdrawn donations to the university.”

Ackman is campaigning against her and MIT President Sally Kornbluth.

He recently said he thinks Gay is a DEI hire.

“I am personally aware of more than a billion dollars of terminated donations from a small group of Harvard’s most generous Jewish and non-Jewish alumni,” he said in a letter to the Board of Directors.

“I have been copied and blind copied on numerous letters and emails to the University from alums who have written scathing letters to Gay and/or the Board withdrawing donations.”

Ackman accused Gay of “doing  more damage to Harvard’s reputation than anyone in the university’s history.”

He also brought up accusations of plagiarism against her and discrimination against a professor who defended an unpopular figure, Harvey Weinstein.

Universities should be in the hands of more courageous and moral people than the three presidents who appeared at the hearing last week, but it is sad that the non-stop attacks on Christians, conservatives, and white people have been largely ignored.

Ackman retweeted a post by writer Wesley Yang who wrote that “Gay should not have been hired in the first place — she promised to infuse all scholarship and instruction at Harvard with DEI — is the reason she was hired.”

Harvard wants anti-American DEI throughout the university.

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2 months ago

Jewish people generally put their money where their mouth/security is. Christians, conservatives, white people generally keep our money and our mouths quiet, and that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in in this country!

2 months ago

Two words, boo hoo.