Harvard Student Groups Host a Pro-Gaza [Hamas] Die-In


After over 1300 innocent Israeli families – Holocaust survivors, parents, and children — were tortured and killed, with others kidnapped, Harvard University students are holding a die-in for the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. They are literally spreading Hamas propaganda.

Forensic evidence found that 80% of the victims, including the children, were tortured. Why don’t we see protests on their behalf at Harvard?

The radicals protesting have nicely printed signs all saying the same things, such as Boycott, Divest, Sanction, or BDS. They want to keep people from buying Israeli goods. It’s a way of destroying Israel and is considered anti-Semitic. You can’t separate Israel from the Jewish people.

Students chanted “no justice, no peace,” a Marxist slogan, and held signs saying, “Stop the genocide in Gaza,” “Hold Harvard Accountable for Supporting Genocide,” and “Ceasefire Now.”

The only genocide was committed against Israelis on October 7. Israel’s going out of their way to protect civilians, while Hamas uses them as human shields.

The student radicals are still pretending the Jihadi bomb that exploded over a hospital parking lot in Gaza came from Israel.

The university’s “Palestine Solidarity Committee” and “Graduates 4 Palestine” groups organized the protest, which included “hundreds of students” laying down in a courtyard outside several of the dorm buildings as well as the school president’s office, reports the New York Post.

For those who don’t like Jewish people, that’s quite short-sighted. The radicals intend to go after everyone who won’t do as they say.

Parents should be cautious of what schools they send their children to at this point.

The people of Gaza voted for Hamas, and recent polls show that 57% of them fully support Hamas, a terrorist organization like the Nazis. There is no purpose in having a rally for Gaza immediately after an Israeli massacre unless you are supporting Hamas.
The university okayed the event because, for Harvard, pro-Nazi groups have free speech. To say their pro-Gaza is only to avoid criticism, and silence opposition. Don’t let them play this game.

America used to stand against Nazis and communists. They would have been shunned, not supported.

Likely, most of the protesters aren’t Arabs but rather students in far-left revolutionary groups. If you will notice, they mimic every communist or socialist rally since the Obama era.

In 2014, the radicals staged a die-in for Michael Brown, another fake cause. Brown robbed cigarillos in a local store, pushed around the storekeep, attacked the officer and tried to grab his gun, and a short time later tried to ram him with his head while running toward him. That’s when he was shot. Brown never had his hands up, as his fellow thief admitted. His buddy also made up the slogan, “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

We’re being snookered by radical leftists, and it’s part of a global movement.

London is even worse. They are allowing jihadis to organize “rallies.”

The people representing this group want a caliphate.

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