Former officer who shot Michael Brown was investigated again, decision made


Michael Brown, 18, was shot and killed by Officer Darren Wilson on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri. Brown was Black and Wilson is White. Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, was with him at the time and falsely claimed he had his hands up when he was shot. Johnson came up with the slogan, “hands up, don’t shoot,” and later admitted he did not tell the truth.

The autopsy released by the St. Louis Dispatch, shows his hands were down. Some witnesses said he did not have his hands up and was charging the officer at the time, despite Officer Wison telling him to stop.

It was later proven that Brown and Johnson had just stolen cigarillos from a local store and roughed up the store keep. There is a video proving it. The robbery was the reason Wilson stopped the two young men. Brown beat the officer and tried to take his gun, then he left. The officer pursued him.

The death was followed by months of looting, riots, and protests, with the President welcoming some of the anarcho-communist leaders to the White House. Then-attorney general Eric Holder conducted a federal review. The results of the review showed they had no evidence to charge Wilson with a hate crime. However, Holder wished the law was far more general so he could have charged him – WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE. Holder called on Congress to lower the requirement for the burden of proof.

Officer Wilson lost his job and was tormented by radicals. That wasn’t enough for crazy Missouri. Wilson’s case was recently reviewed for possible charges.


After reviewing the 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Wesley Bell announced on Thursday that he will not file any charges of murder or manslaughter against Darren Wilson.

Bell took office in January 2019 and said he decided to reexamine the case after requests from the Brown family and community.

“The question for this office was a simple one: Could we prove beyond a reasonable doubt that when Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown he committed murder or manslaughter under Missouri law?” Bell said.

“After an independent and in-depth review of the evidence, we cannot prove that he did.” Still, he added, “our investigation does not exonerate Darren Wilson.”

Bell’s office spent five months reviewing forensic reports, witness statements, and other pieces of evidence, and because there is no statute of limitations on filing murder charges and Wilson was never charged and tried, double jeopardy was not an issue, The Associated Press reports.

The grand jury didn’t even move to refer Wilson. What does it take to exonerate this innocent officer?

We had a video, which youtube took down of a young man who was there and who filmed it on his phone. You can hear him expressing shock, wondering why the Black man keeps charging the officer. That video is gone.

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