Hatchet-wielding man attacks army vet at an ATM in NYC Hell


A hatchet-wielding lunatic was apprehended after repeatedly hacking a helpless man in the head and leg. The horrifying attack, which left the man in critical condition, was caught on camera on Sunday, August 15.

This is New York City under Democrat communist Bill de Blasio.

It took place inside a Chase Manhattan Bank ATM.  The victim is 50-year-old Miguel Solorzana, an army veteran.

Last weekend, 21 people were injured or killed.

Many of these crimes take place in the daytime and they could take place anywhere in the city or the five boroughs, generally not the Republican stronghold of Staten Island.

An off-duty FDNY firefighter strolling his canine in New York Metropolis was attacked by a swarm of 100 indignant children. A manhunt is on for a mugger who brutally hit and stomped on the top of a Brooklyn man in a viral NYPD video.

An aspiring actor who had beforehand featured as an additional on ‘Legislation & Order’ was shot and killed in a Bronx deli on Friday.

Another monster raped a 9-year-old girl in the Bronx.

In a Brooklyn subway station, two black men punched a victim and slashed his hand. Another man was shot in an auto shop and five men were shot while playing dice in a Brooklyn bodega.

This man was attacked in the subway.

Three others were slashed in a Brooklyn subway.

Thirteen gang members of the Chico Gang were arrested. There are Mexican cartels throughout the city.

There’s more but this gives you the picture.

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Greg H.
Greg H.
9 months ago

When is the gun-hating left going to start beating the drums for knife and hatchet control???

Ban Everything For Utopia
Ban Everything For Utopia
9 months ago

The only solution is to ban everything.
We can all live in bubble pods with feeding tubes, colostomy bags and safety for all.
BTW-Did you notice how enemedia isn’t talking about the attacks on Asians and it is awfully quiet on the BLM front now that the ratings are worse than CNN.

Oracle Watchman
Oracle Watchman
9 months ago

This is a good example of why I Conceal Carry here in Missouri