Joe Biden heads to Delaware after vacationing during the fall of Afghanistan


Joe Biden, our ‘president’, returned from vacation at Camp David briefly on Monday to give a teleprompter speech. He returned to Camp David only to come back to the White House last night as backlash battered him in the press. He is now on his way home to Delaware.

This is as Defense Secretary Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff say they can’t evacuate large numbers of people from Afghanistan. They will evacuate until the ‘clock runs out.’

Milley blamed Joe Biden and the Afghans for the fall.

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Cray Cray Before KETO
Cray Cray Before KETO
11 months ago

He has to get back to Super Mario Kart.
There is nothing else going on.

11 months ago

Too bad the UCMJ doesn’t apply to Presidents when they go AWOL. I think it was Sullivan who was saying how “engaged” he was in the whole operation. Phooey. Do we all have “stupid” written on all our faces. What was the movie with the dead guy being hauled around to fool people into thinking he was still alive. It’s starting to look that way with Biden. I heard he came back to slam governors and talk covid. That is the Only subject he any polls in positive territory, and that is slipping.