7-year-old girl shot & killed, 6-year-old sister shot & wounded in Chicago


If black lives don’t matter in Chicago, then the lives of black children matter even less. Two young sisters were shot while sitting in their car on Sunday. The 7-year-old was shot in the chest and killed while her 6-year-old sister was shot and seriously wounded.

Brian McDermott, Chief of Operations for the Chicago Police Department, said he does not believe the girls were the intended target. Little comfort to the family of Serenity and Aubrey Broughton.

“I can only hope that every resident in this city is as angry, saddened, and outraged as I am at this time,” McDermott said. Unlikely, considering over 120 children have been shot in Chicago already this year, with 39 fatalities. One dozen children were shot over the Independence Day weekend alone.

Families of the dead children may be angry, sad, and outraged, but no one else seems to be. While violent riots over the death of 4-time convicted felon George Floyd have lessened, no one rioted over the murder of any these innocent children.

The closest President Biden came to addressing the violence in Chicago was making a statement at the airport. Biden promised a plan to curb the violence, but that seems less likely after he allowed Afghanistan to fall into the hands of terrorists.

The shooter of the Broughton sisters is still at large as police ask the community for tips. In addition, a $2,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the assailant.

An arrest is a long shot (excuse the pun) knowing the arrest rate in Chicago shootings is very low.

Shootings and murders in Chicago continue unabated. Tragically, the murders of little children don’t even raise an eyebrow in the violent city where black lives don’t matter.

Image from: chicago.suntimes.com



  1. Black Liberation Movement is a Marxist side hustle for Long Marchers and their useful status may have expired.
    Let’s do a test to see if they read this page!
    Now that it is mentioned here, see if the enemedia mentions it.
    BTW-results for the Sentinel have went up by 40,000 the past few days!
    I like the way you handle your rig, keep trucking!
    Read earlier that Red State Capitol City (CPUSA) has a higher shooting rate than Chiraq due to the smaller population and there were several overnight and today with some in rural areas that are getting fundamentally transformed.

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