HBO will re-educate you before you watch Gone with the Wind



HBO canceled Gone with the Wind, one of the most popular movies of all time, and then relented, bringing it back. However, they plan to re-educate people who watch it. There is a 4 1/2-minute introduction by Jacqueline Stewart who will discuss its history and racism.

Jacqueline Stewart of Turner Classic Movies claims that Gone With the Wind, for all its “cultural significance,” is “a major document of Hollywood’s racist practices of the past.”

What? Can’t we just enjoy the film? Leftists ruin everything they touch.

The film fails to acknowledge “the brutalities of the system of chattel slavery upon which this world is based,” Stewart says.

This is what HBO will now teach you before you watch it. How ridiculous. They won’t let you just enjoy the film without trying to influence your opinion first.

The story is very inspiring. The characters were survivors and more than survivors. They fought to succeed, and they were all manner of people.

It is a close look into the times, with all its successes and failings. The acting by Hattie McDaniel was heartwarming. She shared the best supporting actress award with Olivia de Haviland who also did a masterful job. McDaniel is the first Black woman to win an Academy Award.

The movie swept the awards despite tough competition.

It does not depict the horrors of slavery, that’s true, but that wasn’t the type of movies they made in 1939. The movie was a monumental success in color, a remarkable film for its times, and it’s a classic even now.

Filmmaker John Ridley wrote earlier this month in a Los Angeles Times opinion piece that WarnerMedia should consider removing “Gone With the Wind” from its streaming service. That’s when they removed it. HBO reconsidered when there was pushback.

There are racist depictions in the film, Ridley says.

In her introductory video, Stewart claims that “watching ‘Gone With the Wind’ can be uncomfortable, even painful.”

Why should it be? It was a long time ago. Stop it.

Any intelligent person knows what racism is and how backward the characters seem in some ways. These leftists don’t give Americans any credit for intelligence. They must control everything.

Watching the movie is the only education I want. HBO can keep their indoctrination to themselves. Sometimes, movies are just movies to be enjoyed without the politics or the misery the left wants to inflict.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.


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