What You Heard About Notre Dame Graduates Walking Out on Pence Is Wrong!


The media is misreporting the story of the Notre Dame graduates who walked out on Vice President Michael Pence as he prepared to give his commencement speech. There is much more to the story.

It’s fake news.

Unfortunately, some of the graduates of Notre Dame, who didn’t want Vice President Mike Pence to speak, walked out as you’ve heard. Mainstream media talking heads are gloating over it, but they aren’t telling you the whole truth.

You’ve been told by the media that 200 students and families walked out and the audience loudly booed Mike Pence.

About 50 to maybe 75 students walked out, though CNN said it was 200. If families left as CNN reported, it wasn’t obvious. The booing wasn’t for Pence, it was for the rude students who walked out with the encouragement of the idiot adults teaching their classes and possibly the adults at home.

That was one expensive education wasted. They protested free speech. The Vice President’s speech was about the importance of free speech.

When VP Pence concluded his speech, most of the graduates stood and applauded. No doubt many were not supporters but they were either pleased with his speech or they wanted to counter their rude classmates.

Pence urged the graduates in “these divided times,” to carry the university’s principles into every place they live and work and “be leaders for the freedom of thought and expression.” That might be what the audience applauded.

After hearing the facts of the walkout, someone told me a caller said the same thing on Rush Limbaugh’s show today so we grabbed the short clip for you.

You can look at the video clips and see how few walked out from a graduating class of 3,083 students.


Notre Dame has an interesting political history.

When Barack Obama spoke in 2013, the pro-life protesters were kept very far from the arena. An 80 year old priest named Father Norman Weslin was rolled up in a carpet and taken off, under arrest.

Notre Dame is said to be a Catholic University.


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