Russians Say McCain Has a “Maniacal Hatred” Towards Russia


Sen. John McCain went “way over the line of decency” in his recent attacks on Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, a Kremlin spokesman said Monday.

Dmitry Peskov, Putin’s spokesman, said McCain is known for his “maniacal hatred towards our country,” but TASS hinted they will ignore him. They have to know this is more about Donald Trump than Russia.

While demonizing President Trump for allowing the Russian foreign minister in the Oval Office this past week, McCain told Arizona Republic, “I do not believe that Mr. Lavrov should be allowed in the Oval Office, and I think it’s pretty obvious they turned it into their propaganda advantage.”

Afterwards, on “Fox News Sunday,” McCain ridiculed Lavrov as “stooge of a thug and a murderer,” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Russians spokesperson continued.

“He took the liberty of uttering insults on several occasions before, but this is probably for the first time ever that his words have gone way over the line of decency and departed from a tone appropriate for a statesmen of such a country as the United States,” Peskov was quoted as saying.

The Russians are glad he’s not shaping foreign policy. The Sentinel is glad too or we’d be at war everywhere in the world. We almost are as it is.

TASS also reported him saying, “Thank God, this gentleman is not the one who shapes or implements U.S. foreign policy. Therefore we will naturally avoid exaggerating the significance of these insulting and rude attacks or linking them with bilateral Russian-US relations somehow.”

At the same time, Pravda quoted a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman saying, “Apparently, McCain produces more venom that he can spend on American political figures. McCain hasn’t been bringing out any emotions but pity for long,” Maria Zakharova said.

McCain tweeted from his safe space on Twitter.

McCain can always be counted on to insult Republicans as well.

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6 years ago

A lot would be explained if McCain’s military records were released.
He plays a war hero, because his past haunts him.