Hello Bill Barr! Truck driver took 300,000 completed ballots from NY to PA


The following information was reported in a previous article, but the video below needs to be singled out.

Are you fed up with hearing there is no evidence of massive voter fraud? No matter how evidence is presented, we are told it’s baseless, unfounded, and without evidence.

It is extreme gaslighting. It’s infuriating to watch all these whistleblowers torn apart — one was beaten and hospitalized.

Then Bill Barr says he found nothing, and it needs to go to a civil court. He appears to be on the fence. We need his authority behind this — subpoenas, people under oath, aggressive interviews.

Whistleblowers with first-hand knowledge are ignored. Meanwhile, we had to believe an anonymous whistleblower for a fake impeachment. We were told second-and third-hand ‘whistleblowers’ matter.

That was shoved down our throats. But now, first-hand whistleblowers don’t matter.

A truck driver says that he drove nearly 300k completed ballots from Bethpage, New York, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Hello, Bill Barr, investigate!

Does the worthless media really expect us to believe a word they say on this issue???

Biden’s amazing historic win is a frakin’ joke.


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