Terrible news! Walter Williams has died at age 84


Libertarian/conservative icon Walter Williams has died at age 84. That is terrible news. He had a brilliant, logical mind. We will miss him.



  1. What a great loss, but what an amazing life and treasured gift for so many of us who were blessed with his wisdom, which he so graciously shared with us all.

    I know that I will do my part to carry the torch that he lit and nurtured for all these years.

  2. El Rushbo is where I first heard of him. Brilliant minds are in short supply.
    May we all strive to reach that level as it is a work in progress.

  3. Sad to hear of Walter Williams passing I had never heard of him until one time I heard him subbing for Rush and I was really impressed with what he said.After that I could not get enough of him what a great mind.

  4. walter williams dies.(yesterday)..CBS gives zero coverage…..rafer johnson dies(today) CBS gives 3 minutes of in depth coverage of his life and accomplishments.
    tells you where CBS is.

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