Her Magnificence Nancy Pelosi Invited President Trump to Give the SOTU


Speaker Nancy Pelosi canceled the State of the Union scheduled for Tuesday, saying that the security couldn’t be assured during the shutdown. President Trump advised her that the Department of Homeland Security could provide the appropriate security. Pelosi still refused to re-invite him to give the SOTU until the shutdown was over.

The shutdown is over, although the threat of another shutdown weighs in the balance over negotiations for a border wall and other security measures.

Nancy Pelosi, with all the audacity and pettiness she could muster, had not invited him to give the State of the Union (SOTU) for several days.

People speculated that she wasn’t going to invite him to give the speech, but she finally relented and invited the President to give the SOTU on February 5th.

She waited long enough, and she did it to make a point. Imagine if this was done to Barack Obama?

Up until yesterday, she wasn’t going to invite him, so what happened?

She got points with the idiot wing of her base for not re-inviting him, and that could certainly be a motive. She got her petty point across.

She was being roundly mocked too. Perhaps that is the reason she gave in. There is a third option. It could be an olive branch but that’s hardly her style. In all likelihood, she just wanted a few days to drive the nail in further. Even she knows she couldn’t get away with this indefinitely.

On another note, will Ruth B. Ginsburg be present? We need proof of life.


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5 years ago

Make popcorn….Master Troll Trump gets Pelosi to sit behind him for 75 minutes on live TV with all mental facial twitches will be meme gold…Trump will trash her so hard…bet me on it

5 years ago

If she thought it was working for her I doubt she would make the invite. There’s probably some internal polling that suggests the democrats have overplayed their hand. They are creating a great many unprecedented events with the latest creating legislation to keep paying workers whether the Government is shut down or not. They just may regret all their actions if their party takes the White House, just as their actions on filibusters now haunt them.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

She is completely arrogant an ugly unrepentant soul.