Here are the lies still told about the Breonna Taylor case


Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addressed the public this week to explain the facts in the tragic death of Breonna Taylor. They conflict dramatically from what we were told by BLM, Democrats, and the media.

We were told Breonna Taylor was asleep in her bed when she was ‘murdered.’ That’s not true. She was in the hall behind her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

About the murder, it wasn’t. It was a tragic accident. Her boyfriend greeted the officers in a firing stance and shot first, hitting Officer Mattingly in the hip. The officers shot back and the FBI found that Officer Cosgrove’s bullet was the fatal bullet. They acted in self-defense. All three acted in self-defense in her case.

Then there’s the story about the police hitting the wrong apartment. They didn’t. Breonna Taylor’s ex-boyfriend said she was holding his cash and drugs in his drug trafficking business. As a result, the warrant had her name and her address on it. The police were in the right place.

Taylor had more extensive ties than previously made public with an accused drug trafficker who was at the center of a larger narcotics investigation in Louisville. They might have been shared with the judge who issued the ‘no-knock warrant.’

There are multiple links between Taylor and Jamarcus Glover of Louisville, the main target in a drug probe that prompted police to request the search warrant for Taylor’s apartment.

The officers who burst into her apartment were looking for drugs and cash but found none.

How many times did we hear it was a no-knock warrant? While it was a no-knock warrant, they did not implement it as such. They loudly declared they were police and knocked three times, equally loudly.

Breonna Taylor was allegedly working two jobs as an EMT. She didn’t keep her job as an EMT and her file was stamped, ‘do not rehire.’ She was an ER technician working in two hospitals, hoping to become a nurse.

The lawyer for the boyfriend, Kenneth Walker suggested Officer Mattingly was hit by friendly fire. That is not the case. Walker’s bullet hit Officer Mattingly in the hip.


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John Vieira
John Vieira
3 years ago

Wonder if the corrupt fake MSM will EVER regain a “cognitive” audience??? Doubtful…and people think it is ONLY the “swamp” that needs draining…

3 years ago
Reply to  John Vieira

You are messed up as much as this B.S article.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mia

Mia — Sadly, when facts offend disrespect begins.

Rather than getting offended, why not do some actual research, honest, open-minded research on your own?

If not, you are be free to remain the minion that your handlers have created… But I’m giving you the benefit of a doubt that you may have more respect for yourself.