Republican Candidate Arrested For Not Wearing Mask While Singing Hymns


The Ohio woman Tasered and arrested for not wearing a mask during an outdoor high school sporting event wasn’t the only victim of the Mask Police.

Gabriel Rench, a Republican candidate for Latah County commissioner, was arrested on Wednesday evening. Rench was arrested for singing hymns outside while not wearing a mask. He was arrested in – wait for it – Moscow, Idaho.

Rench and his fellow parishioners were singing hymns during an outdoor service held by the local Church of Christ. Rench and four others were cited for not social distancing or not wearing a mask.

The police arrested Rench, who refused to identify himself, even though police knew who he was. Maybe it’s because he’s running against the Democrat incumbent for the county commissioner’s seat.

More than 150 members of the Church of Christ attended an event billed on their Facebook page as a “flash psalm sing.” The event started at 4:45 PM and lasted less than half an hour.

Ben Zornes, the Church of Christs’ event organizer, said the church holds these psalm events about once a month, often in a park. Zornes said it’s time to start pushing back against the “largely groundless” laws requiring people to wear masks.

The mask order was extended at Monday’s Moscow City Council meeting until January of next year. Again, this is in Moscow, Idaho.

These are not isolated incidents. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened to shut down Jewish synagogues if they didn’t comply with the city’s coronavirus rules.

In California, the governor and Los Angeles mayor threatened to cut off power and water to churches that didn’t comply with the COVID mandates. The reason given was that churches aren’t considered “essential services.”

In its May ruling, the Supreme Court upheld the authority of states to impose “health restrictions” on churches. Apparently, there are no such health restrictions on the “mostly peaceful protests” that have plagued American cities for months.

Violent rioters burn down cities, assault law enforcement officers, and spread hate all across the country with impunity.

In fact, the mayors of Portland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Sacramento, Louisville, and other cities have told the police to “stand down.” The police watch as rioters burn down police departments, shoot at officers, and attack anyone wearing red.

But people who calmly exercise their First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion are targeted, harassed, and arrested. Parishioners who sing and pray in church have essentially been told to cease and desist.

Now they can’t even sing outdoors.

Image from: Moscow Pullman Daily News

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