Progressive oppression follows us into price tags on supermarkets


The supermarket chain Giant Food is adding labels to products on their shelves, pointing to black-owned businesses.

It’s more of the destructive, anti-American, and progressive divisiveness the stems from identity politics.

It’s social justice that isn’t justice at all and it will stress us out in every inch of our existence.

Look at this nonsense:

WDVM News reports Giant Food launches campaign displaying minority-owned business tags on products. Over 3,000 products in Giant stores will feature updated shelf labels. There are over 218 businesses in Giant’s vendor partnerships.

The labels represent businesses that are Women, Black, Asian-Indian, Hispanic, LGBT, Asian-Pacific, or Veteran owned. The program is part of the store’s efforts to promote diversity.

Preferring everyone to whites is racism.


We posted this next clip a couple of days ago. Biden is going to see to it that Blacks and other minorities are preferred to whites.

This is BS.

Asians are among our most successful immigrant Americans and they haven’t needed help and won’t need help. Everything is also available to minorities. They had a black U.S. president. They don’t need help. They only need to be treated fairly.

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