Here Come the US Truckers’ Convoys


Multiple trucker convoys protesting COVID-19 restrictions are heading to the nation’s capital, a crime-infested Democrat hellhole. The convoys resemble the so-called “Freedom Convoy”. The Pentagon said it approved 400 National Guard troops, about 50 large tactical vehicles, and up to 300 National Guard troops to come to the city to assist at traffic posts if needed, according to Reuters.

No National Guard for January 6, 2020, and Pelosi said she had no control over it. But Pelosi approved 400 National Guard this time.


A lot of Republicans are embracing the anti-mandate Trucker protest who are now making their way to DC.

The Peoples’ Convoy will be the largest and won’t go into D.C. proper. There are many mini-convoys as well. Examples;

  • Dozens of House Republicans urged Biden to suspend vaccine mandates for truckers crossing between the U.S. and Canada. Letter here.
  • A group of GOP senators has legislation that would end mandatory proof of vaccination for international truckers entering from Mexico and Canada. More here.
  • Six House Republicans sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday: “We write to state our support of the protesting truckers as they continue to express their concerns about the arbitrary vaccine travel requirements,” the letter, led by Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.), said.

Knowing what the Left will do to them, Mo Brooks wants the truckers to have political asylum.

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2 years ago

It’s looking like the Democrats are planning to pull the “At War and Martial Law Card”. I don’t know how they plan to fight a two front war with Russia and China while fighting a Civil War at home. If they are dumb enough to try it, I suspect anyone affiliated with the Democrat Party will see the fate of vermin trying to get into the chicken coup and left for the dogs. Stealing elections is a very dangerous business, attempting to take over the country by Martial Law is suicide in the United States of America. Now that the Covid Hoax has been exposed; most of the States will not play along! There is no trust in the Federal Government. The RINOs in Congress need to grow a spine before it’s too late; before all federal government politicians and bureaucrats are see as vermin. If you don’t like the Government we have, then call an Article 5 Convention and change the Government the right way.

Democrats have no support. Polls say 30%, but if a Civil War starts the 25% on Welfare will turn against Democrats with a vengeance when their money stops. EBT cards won’t be accepted; only cash. By design Communism, Feudalism, and pure Democracy can’t work! Give it up, before The People are forced to purge the world of that kind of thinking. We should have done it after WWII. It will be done after WWIII.

His Fireworks Will Be Universal
His Fireworks Will Be Universal
2 years ago

A three front WAR for the faculty lounge!
Against its own population, Russia and China?
It’s a good thing these Ubermensch are enlightened beings.
All part of the UltraChaos please save us global soviet that has been planned since before the republic began.