Here is Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker’s expose to Project Veritas


Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker is outing her own network as deceptively editing the news and tailoring the news by race and even corporate sponsors’ wishes. She says the erroneous news reporting even affects our health. HCQ was banned because Donald Trump mentioned it. Ms. Hecker was supposed to know she wasn’t allowed to report it except in the most negative way.

She says corporate values are above the viewers’ interests.


Yesterday, Ms. Hecker interrupted a Fox 26 live on-air weather report to announce she planned to do this.



  1. I must say it was a pretty bold move to come out during an on-air segment to disclose it. Since that is a Broadcast station they are required to serve the public interest. Complaints to the station and the FCC should be in order. It can affect license renewal time, therefore they should be more concerned about serving the pubic rather than some Corporate sponsor.

    As for myself I quit watching local stations Years Ago. One station has a woman “newsreader” who would give the saddest face for some tragic story and, THEN, in a split-second turn on the happy-face for the next segment. It looked phony as could be. Another station came up with a slogan to “solve” the high murder rate, higher per-capita than Chicago. Most of the community leaders joined in for a PSA with that slogan. As far as I’m concerned local stations are no better than the national. It’s the same with Government, maybe even worse at the local level. Tell That to all the Republicans praising local governments. In one sense “burn it all down” has merit, but the end result would be the same.

    • The sad face/happy face is a permanent feature of televised news reading. The idea, spurious perhaps, is to create empathy with the audience. Most anchors like to finish with a ‘brightener’–often followed by a secondary backup remark ‘enhancing’ the brightner and generally ending the segment with all cast present merrily chuckling. They learn this in ‘broadcast arts’ programs and it’s become a staple.
      Corny, to be sure, but they believe it works.

  2. Unfortunately although her heart’s in the right place she seems, in some instances, to have been prone to jump to conclusions. For example, in one case her superior was merely reprimanding her for failing to include information from a very respected source–The New England Journalism of Medicine–which would have provided appropriate balance to the story. I got the feeling she might bend or ‘edit’ what she heard to comply with her own opinion in a complex controversy beyond her depth. Not the big scoop for Veritas that was ballyhooed.

    • That’s nonsense, you jumped to conclusions, what you accused her of. You did not see her story, you have no idea how balanced it was. Standard medical journals lied repeatedly about the pandemic and the fake vaccine, perhaps that is your idea of “balance”, “respect, and “appropriateness”. HCQ works, the jab does not. That is not beyond her depth, but it appears to be beyond yours.

    • Since there were no specifics given we aren’t aware Which was referenced. What we do know is there had been fraudulent reporting and certain articles had to be “clarified”, i.e., taken down. In order to maintain the hype, even the basics were manipulated, such as cases. Never before was a case defined by some test alone. A case had Always included symptomatic results. It went to the level of scrubbing many a past web page of the CDC dealing with cases.

  3. It’s mainly about the money and the demand by Big Pharma that any and all treatments other than the jab be banished to make way for the TRILLION dollar bonanza enjoyed by Big Pharma. That suppressing HCQ also attacked Trump’s credibility was dressing to the Big Pharma salad who, incidentally, delayed news about the effective vaccine breakthrough until after the election. I hope some brave and very clever class action lawyer digs up the facts about Big Pharma demanding suppression by the MSM of HCQ and other treatments that undoubtedly led to many tens of thousands of additional deaths and injuries. I admire Ms. Heckler and pray there is a broadcaster who will hire her and allow her to report on the news accurately and without censorship. She is a rare journalist and deserves our support.

  4. The cancel America and FUX Bidet hearse pulled up out in front of Murdoch’s empire.
    It was a bad omen for America because build it back better means something must be burned down by any means necessary.
    A bad omen for the wives of Rupert’s sons because FUX is done as well.

    • Good point, the one Murdoch wife said, “We did it” when China Joe won. Obviously is meant they lied enough about Joementia to install the dementia patient in the WH.

  5. Except for a few of the evening anchors like Tucker Fox News is total fake news. Fox News radio is the worst. At the height of the Covid their reporter said, “there are 400,000 news cases of Covid, that brings the death toll to a new high”. That’s statistics 100 and that’s waste, fraud and abuse. Everyone knew the 400.000 cases were not all dead and most of them were false positives but that didn’t matter to Fox.

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