Here is key info on the Brown shooting that you probably hadn’t heard


Andrew Brown Jr. is a black man, a drug dealer, who was shot and killed by the police in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. Hack attorney Ben Crump is involved in the case and whenever he’s involved, the families get big payoffs.

The bodycam footage will not be released for 30-45 days, as per the court today.

The family saw 22 seconds of the footage and immediately claimed Mr. Brown was murdered as he was sitting in his car with his hands on the steering wheel.

They left some key information out.

In court today, the District Attorney said that there are certainly more pertinent details in the shooting that have not been reported yet. For one thing, Brown tried to run over officers as he was trying to escape.

A car is a deadly weapon.

In ten days, the family will see the complete video with the officers’ faces blurred.

The neighbor witness said the car was stationary and Brown had his hands on the steering wheel. He either didn’t see it accurately or he’s lying or the DA is wrong.

The officers are reportedly “distraught” but believe the shooting was “justified.”

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