Here is the one overriding reason Elizabeth Warren lost her presidential bid


Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA), exit has caused a wave of unprecedented claims of sexism in her race, despite the fact that she is reported by some to be an inveterate liar. Women in her own state and other states didn’t vote for her, according to the NY Times.

President Trump attributes her failure to a lack of talent and her meanness. A professor has proven it’s her dishonesty.


Her fall from grace was dramatic. She was the candidate to beat and the only one standing in her way was her. Still, the media and social media are wild with claims of misogyny and sexism. If anything, the fact that she is a woman insulated her to a certain degree. Democrats’ desire to see a woman win protected her.

Watch these two clips claiming sexism:

Elizabeth Warren built her professional life on the claim that she was of Cherokee ancestry, a genuine Native American. Back in 2012, The Atlantic and Washington Post, among others, disproved Warren’s claim, but she still remained in public life. As a woman, she was teflon.

In Warren’s 2014 A Fighting Chance, she maintained that she was of Native American background. Reporters found more examples of her Cherokee lies, probably because she is a Democrat woman.

An article at The Washington Times chronicles the research of Cornell Law School professor William A. Jacobson. He has a seven-year file of her lies and the corresponding changes and dips in her political career.

Jacobson says, “Americans will vote for many different types of characters, but the one thing that I think is devastating is when someone is viewed as inauthentic, as a faker.” She couldn’t shake that or her Native American problem.

She was dogged by her support of wars, representation of large corporations, the lie about losing a teaching job she loved in 1971 because she was pregnant, describing her father as a janitor, accusing a senior professor of sexual misconduct when he was physically incapable at the time and long-since dead, and being the first nursing mother to take the New Jersey bar exam.

Everything and more is recorded by Professor Jacobson.

He is biased but remained neutral in his reporting.

Watch the professor:

Warren issued a half-hearted apology for the fake Indian routine she kept up for decades, but only admitted she wasn’t a member of a tribe.

Her apparent dishonesty is what did her in, not sexism.

As an aside, Warren’s campaign tried to get Professor Jacobson fired, The Washington Times reported, but he still works at Cornell.

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