Here They Come to Destroy Elon Musk & Delay the Sale


New York City, USA – April 25, 2015: The New York Times daily newspaper building in Midtown Manhattan in New York, USA. It is placed on 8th avenue.

The NY Times came out with its first hit piece of disinformation on Elon Musk. At the same time, the FCC is going to delay the sale of Twitter, perhaps until after the election.

Elon Musk is now slightly right-wing, having been slightly to the Left before the onslaught of communism hit the USA under the Bidenistas.  Now the media seeks to destroy him. Elon came from South Africa so the New York Times is trying to make him guilty of apartheid.

He was brought up in elite, segregated white communities allegedly littered with anti-black propaganda, says the New York Times. Elon was detached from the atrocities of the white political leaders on the black population, they continue.

The New York Post responded to the story noting that the Times story is trying to say that his insulation from apartheid’s “harsh reality” dulls his sensitivity to racist hate speech that could flourish on Twitter if he takes over and puts through the changes allowing free speech.

Ironically, the Times article admits Elon had non-white friends growing up in apartheid. Oh, and they left out that his father was an ANTI-APARTHEID politician.

Elon actually left South Africa so he wouldn’t have to serve in an apartheid military.

Great reporting New York Times!

The Times wants you to think Elon is a racist, yet Musk once rebuked a fellow student for an “anti-black slur” and was bullied for it.  He was one of a handful of white students who attened the funeral of a black student.

They are trying to make him into a white supremacist when he was the opposite.

Great work, NYT, you evil scoundrels.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is reviewing Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s $44 billion deal with Twitter. They are setting up a deadline for a possible antitrust review, according to a Thursday report.

A person familiar with the matter told Bloomberg the agency will decide next month whether to do an in-depth antitrust probe of the Twitter deal — a move that could delay its closing by months.

The deal is not expected to be blocked, but critics have claimed the new purchase will give Musk too much control over free speech.

That’s rich. They’re not worried about the far-left government and its allies. They’re worried about free speech.

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