Our [Illegal] Immigration Policy Is “Who We Are,” Says New Press Secretary


Deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre — who will soon take over Jen Psaki’s job as press secretary — wants the immigration policy, which is currently open borders with no vetting of anyone, to reflect who we are. Why she gets to define who we are when we had borders less than two years ago is a mystery.

She has all the qualifications that are important to Democrats. She’s a black woman from Haiti who is openly gay. She is in a long-term relationship with a CNN reporter – Suzanne Malveaux. Can anyone see a conflict of interest here or is it just me? She’s literally in bed with the media.

Ms. Jean-Pierre was sexually abused, has suffered from depression, and tried to commit suicide.

France 24 interviewed her about the border, and all the new [Democrats] aliens flooding our borders.

She was asked about the crisis at the border with Haitian immigrants and basically repeated the debunked story about Border Patrol on horseback whipping Haitians coming in illegally. What really happened is the officers on horseback were reining their horses and falsely accused of attacking Haitian migrants. The officers were all exonerated.


“I think we all felt such pain when we saw what happened at the border with, sadly, some of the officers (who were filmed using force to push back migrants) – those officers do not represent all of them.,” she said, adding “It was just a few officers and it was heartbreaking.”

“The president spoke about it, the vice president spoke about it, they denounced it and said this is, basically, not who we are.”

She then referenced slavery and Jim Crow laws.

“The fact that the two people that I work for, essentially the president of the United States and the vice president, stood up and were very strong about it and said this is not how we should be represented and that this is not how we should be treating migrants.”


The interviewer asked about the administration sending back hundreds of migrants in planes (out of millions). The interviewer said “these people often return to misery and sometimes violence. How did it make you feel?”

“I just want to be very clear about this: We talked about Title 42, which is what we use as far as it comes to the border. It is a public health issue, it’s not an immigration policy that we’re using. We are in the middle of a pandemic that’s taking more than 700,000 lives in this country alone, millions of lives just across the globe, and that is something that we’re trying to deal with in this country and that’s what the president is trying to deal with.

“I just want to be very clear about that. It does not matter what country you’re from. This is about public health, this is about protecting the migrants, this is about protecting the citizens here in this country, this is about protecting people who are here as well. So this would have happened regardless of what country folks were coming from and it has.

“This has been something that’s been in place for the past year. We’re trying to work through an asylum process, we’re trying to fix things that were broken from the last four years.

This Is Who We Are Now

“We want to make sure that the immigration system here is fair, decent, and that it represents who we are as a country.

“We were just talking at the top about my American dream story and that’s who we are – we are a country of immigrants, of people coming from different corners of the globe. Right now we have to figure out, how do we fix such a broken system? That is something the president has made a priority.”

Who we are” is a Democrat talking point originating with Barack Obama. [Bold by the Sentinel]

You probably thought we are a country with borders, citizenship, rights, and a generous immigration system.

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