Here we go, Schumer, Feinstein try to stop Amy Coney Barrett over COV


Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer and Senator Dianne Feinstein issued a statement on Friday, calling on Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham to delay the hearings and hold off on committing to a scheduled time for them because of the coronavirus.

They want to use the President coming down with the virus as an excuse to stop the appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Senator Lee also came down with COV but he said it will not prevent him from voting on the nominee.

Senator Graham, as Chair of the Judiciary, hasn’t delayed yet but he is weak.

The statement read further:

“It is premature for Chairman Graham to commit to a hearing schedule when we do not know the full extent of potential exposure stemming from the president’s infection and before the White House puts in place a contact tracing plan to prevent further spread of the disease,” Schumer and Feinstein wrote. “The unfortunate news about the infection of our colleague Senator Mike Lee makes even more clear that health and safety must guide the schedule for all Senate activities, including hearings.”

“It’s critical that Chairman Graham put the health of senators, the nominee, and staff first — and ensure a full and fair hearing that is not rushed, not truncated, and not virtual. Otherwise, this already illegitimate process will become a dangerous one.”

The hearing is scheduled to begin on October 12th.

These two will do anything to stop the appointment and they will pack the court if they win next month. The Supreme Court is the only body of government that protects our rights. If they make it into another political legislative body, the Republic is destroyed and so are our rights.

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