Here’s all we know about the “fair and honest” impeachment trial today


The trial in the Senate is a sham based on an impeachment run like a Star Chamber. Today’s so-called trial has an agreed-upon process with the usual partisans. Take a look at who is running this performance.

The “fair” process includes the “impartial justice” and Trump hater, Patrick Leahy.  Just, two weeks ago, Leahy said:

“Nixon committed crimes nowhere near as serious as those by President Trump, and yet Nixon knew he had to resign. Trump’s crimes trying to overturn our elections and openly instigating a riot causing deaths warrant his immediate resignation or removal.”

He added: “Pres. Trump has not simply failed to uphold his oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, which itself would be sufficient to warrant impeachment and removal. He has emerged as the *greatest threat* to the Constitution and to American democracy in a generation. … I hope that Leader McConnell and Senate Republicans will stand with our constitutional republic, as did 10 Republicans in the House today. For the good of the country, he must lead his party in voting to convict Pres. Trump and to prevent him from holding future office.”

Our ‘fair’ justice folks, a socialist partisan with a history of hating Republicans.

The ‘Fair’ Impeachment Managers

The nine impeachment managers appointed by the ever-unfair Nancy Pelosi are all Trump haters: Jaime Raskin, Diana DeGette, David Cicilline, Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Ted Lieu, Stacey Palskett, Madeleine Dean, and Joe Neguse.

The Process

Trump’s lawyers responded to Schumer and McConnell’s announcement that they came to a deal on impeachment:

“President Trump and his counsel are pleased that there was bipartisan support on how to structure the impeachment trial,” Trump’s team said in a statement. “We appreciate that Senate Republican leadership stood strong for due process and secured a structure that is consistent with past precedent. This process will provide us with an opportunity to explain to Senators why it is absurd and unconstitutional to hold an impeachment trial against a private citizen.”

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said on Monday that he, Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and DJT agreed on the structure:

That structure will include four hours divided evenly between the Impeachment Managers and Trump’s counsel to present arguments on Tuesday regarding the constitutionality of the trial, followed by a vote.

If the trial proceeds, there will be up to sixteen hours for the Impeachment Managers in the House to lay out their case starting on Wednesday, and 16 hours for Trump’s defense.

There will then be equal time provided for senator’s questions, closing arguments and Senate deliberations.

It will be up to the managers to request witnesses.

“All parties have agreed to a structure that will ensure a fair and honest Senate impeachment trial of the former president,” Schumer said.

“Fair and honest,” baby. You heard it from the horse’s mouth.

McConnell said on the Senate floor, “I’m pleased that Leader Schumer and I were able to reach an agreement on a fair process and estimated timeline for the upcoming Senate trial,” McConnell said. “It will give senators as jurors ample time to receive the case and the arguments.”

Such a crock, isn’t it? They’re so pleased with each other.

Trump’s lead lawyers argued the Senate should immediately dismiss the articles of impeachment in a 75-page legal brief filed Monday morning. They called it “political theater.”

It will be with each side pontificating mindlessly. It’s a show. Expect lots of hyperbole from hard-left Dems.


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