Herman Cain has died at 74 from the virus


This is very said news. Herman Cain, 74, was a great American, a former presidential candidate, writer, entrepreneur, and pundit.

A post on Cain’s Twitter account on Thursday announced the death. Cain had been ill with the virus for several weeks. It’s not clear when or where he was infected, but he was hospitalized less than two weeks after attending President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June.

The former pizza company executive has been an outspoken backer of the president and was named by the campaign as a co-chair of Black Voices for Trump.

“We knew when he was first hospitalized with COVID-19 that this was going to be a rough fight,” read an article posted on the Twitter account. “He had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. We all prayed that the initial meds they gave him would get his breathing back to normal, but it became clear pretty quickly that he was in for a battle.”

He was a very smart and charming man who will be sorely missed.



  1. Of course the Left will blame Trump and the rally even though he could have caught it anywhere. Wonder what they treated him with or if early teeatment would have made a difference. RIP, Hernan, a very fine gentkeman who will be greatly missed.

  2. A good man has left this place for a better one. One of the the finest gentleman I have had the pleasure to speak with on several occasions. I remember the yellow tie and sweater he almost always wore. It was as warm, and pleasant, and welcoming as his smile. A good-natured, bright, and reasonable man. He will be missed. Gods Speed Mr. Cain

  3. I am so saddened to hear that Herman Cain has passed. He was a good man who loved God, family, and his country. His voice of conservatism will be missed.

  4. Successful businessman, Federal Reserve bank chairman, two-time presidential candidate, and more. Cain was diagnosed with cancer in 2006 and given 30 percent change of survival. He was a great conservative. Cain will barely get a footnote in the fake media, while violent career criminal George Floyd got a king’s funeral.

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