Hero cops shot while protecting a battered spouse in deteriorating NYC


Former New York City mayor David Dinkins, who turned New York City into a hellhole of violence and riots, died this week at age 93. It’s ironic because the Dinkins’ vision — that included protecting criminals and not enforcing some crimes — lives on in communist Mayor Bill de Blasio.


Two NYPD police officers were shot saving a woman’s life from her cheating, violent husband. The officers are domestic violence officers, but, wait, aren’t unarmed social workers and psychologists supposed to go to these calls?

The two NYPD domestic violence officers were shot and wounded in Queens Tuesday during a wild clash with a gun-toting CUNY employee, officials said.

One of the cops learned his wife was pregnant just hours before the gunfire erupted as he and his partner escorted a domestic violence victim back to her home, the NY Daily News reported.

A domestic violence victim named Sharon Goppy went into the police station and said her husband beat her after she questioned his continual infidelity. She said this is what he does all the time.

The police escorted her to her home and while they waited for her to collect her belongings,  her husband returned.

“He just swaggers in and starts blasting,” a police source said.

One of the cops, shot in the right leg, suffered a fractured femur and was bleeding heavily, officials said. A second officer was shot in each hand.

Despite being hit, the officers returned fire, hitting Rondell Goppy repeatedly, officials said. He died at the scene.



Everything is going to the dogs in de Blasio’s New York. Not punishing lawbreakers, and not requiring bail, isn’t improving the behavior of criminals. Who woulda thunk it?

Thirteen people were shot last Sunday including seven at a Sweet Sixteen birthday party.

Gunfire erupted around midnight in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn wounding seven youths ranging in age from 14 to 20.


One victim succumbed to her injuries. There are no arrests so far.

In total, seven shootings with multiple casualties were reported across the city Sunday. Two arrests were made in other cases.

The subways are incredibly dangerous with people being pushed off platforms in front of oncoming trains. Some are stabbed and slashed.

Anything Goes

Anything goes in hell NYC. That is partly because insane, drugged-out homeless are allowed to jump turnstiles and hang out there.

The Guardian Angels are again patrolling the subways. Police are preoccupied with the ‘mostly peaceful [communist and gangster] protesters and harassing Jews.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
3 years ago

You get what you pay for. New Yorkers keep electing Democrat Commies, then complain when elected officials treat them like subjects and not citizens.