Anger over tyrannical governor shutdowns now hitting groceries in NM


The cure is worse than coronavirus in many of our liberal states that have shut down even so-called ‘essential’ businesses. They have allowed strip clubs, liquor stores, and marijuana shops to remain open as essential, but not churches. One creative pastor turned his church into a strip club to stay open as an essential business. He pretends he’s stripping and then goes on with his sermon.

In New Mexico, tyrannical Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is closing about a dozen grocery stores around the state for two weeks. The order comes as people are suffering from record-high unemployment and lack of food.

Businesses with four or more rapid responses of COV-19 cases within a 14-day period must close.

Access to food is now limited because of another order of hers requiring capacity limitations at all stores. New Mexicans are standing in lines outside for two hours or longer. This would be a plus for Bernie Sanders who thinks breadlines are a good thing. The USA is headed for his world vision.

The governor’s response is people don’t have to wait in line.

The Governor’s Office said, “the state is not forcing anyone to stand in a crowded line.” However, the 75-person limit in New Mexico’s essential stores makes it impossible not to wait in line.

In New York, as elsewhere, King Cuomo is telling people to skip Thanksgiving, even though he is having Thanksgiving with at least three of his family members, one being his elderly mother. Cuomo is even calling his sheriffs “dictators” for not following his executive order to barge in on peoples’ homes if they have too many guests. Cuomo thinks his EO trumps the Constitution.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown wants a fascist ratting people, neighbor reporting neighbor, out if they violate her lockdowns.

Lockdowns don’t stop the virus and the contact tracing doesn’t work in a country of this size. All it does is take our privacy rights away.

The left has moved on to fascism:

Amazon’s profits have increased by 100%, Walmart’s have gone up by 100%, and Target by 80%. Meanwhile, small businesses suffer a 30% decrease and 21% have already shut down for good. Since globalists don’t like small businesses, one might think this is deliberate.

In Maine, the governor destroys businesses, just as we see in New York, Michigan, and other far-left, one-party states. It is tyranny.

The governor of Maine, Janet Mills, is out for revenge against one business owner who stood up to her and is hounding him. He had to shut down.


So keep voting for your own demise.

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