Hero on a NYC Train Arrested for Manslaughter & Having a Knife


Man charged after subway rider fatally stabbed on Brooklyn-bound J train. BUT IT’S COMPLICATED!

Jordan Williams, 20, was charged Wednesday with manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon in the death of 36-year-old Devictor Ouedraogo on a J train Tuesday night.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office had asked for $100,000 bail, but the judge told Williams, “I have every reason to believe you will fight this case.”

Police are reviewing the video. Ouedraogo, who is believed to have been homeless, was harassing the subway riders.

Ouedraogo was threatening passengers and punched Mr. Williams’s girlfriend. A fight ensued that ended in Williams stabbing Ouedragogo to death. If true, Mr. Williams is Sir Galahad.

If true, Mr. Williams is a hero. The New York City officials are incompetent, and the voters are as well. They won’t enforce the law in New York City and then tell residents they can’t defend themselves and others or they’ll get 15 year prison sentences.

Jordan Williams, abc7 news video screenshot

Fortunately, Mr. Williams is black and will probably be okay, unlike Mr. Penny, who just tried to restrain a lunatic. Mr. Penny is white in a Black Lives Matter city.

The comments on a left-wing Reddit were awesome. The Left agrees he’s a hero.

He stepped up to help a woman in danger and then got punched, which turned into a stabbing. Yes, he shouldn’t have been carrying a knife, but he sounds innocent to me. This entire situation was escalated by the 36-year-old man.

Thank you to the young man for standing up for that woman. I’m so done with the tweakers.

 the word “victim” is doing heavier lifting than Atlas here

Free him

 Ah, another person charged while defending themselves. I fucking hate this city.

Not guilty

Guy risked his life to protect a woman. Anything that happens after a crazy guy tries to hurt him is already punishment enough for the guy who heroically tried to protect someone else. That’s real selflessness and heroism right there.

When the fight broke out rest of the train ran off; if he wasn’t there, what would have could have happened to the woman because everyone else was afraid?



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