“Hey, @ArlingtonVA residents wondering about return to school…”


It’s time for Virginia to open up although my grandson in Virginia said they might open up in three weeks they were told. That puts us immediately after the election.

According to Gallup, it seems that the deep blue states take the fear porn far more seriously than the red states. While some of it is justified, Democrats appear to be easily manipulated. That’s our opinion on that.

In the least, they should open up the schools in Virginia.

Check out the charts:

Amazing chart:

Gallup found that during the pandemic, women are more consistently worried about contracting the virus. Also, women more consistently wear masks.

While Gallup finds much greater compliance with this recommendation among both genders for indoor settings, there are significant male-female gaps with respect to both indoor and outdoor settings. Thirty percent of women wear them outdoors compared with 23% of men.

Women social distance more than men 47% to 35%.

Finally, Democrats are far more concerned about contracting the virus and there isn’t much of a gap between Dem men and women. Not so for Republicans as you can see in the chart above.

Fear porn works well on Democrats and never go into a dangerous situation with a Dem, as two Twitter users said.



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