Hey, Climate Peeps, Russia Will Supply China with 100 Tons of Coal


Russia and China met last week and struck a lucrative deal for Russia to supply China with 100 TONS OF COAL in the coming years. So, all you climate radicals who want to destroy our economy over fossil fuels, China is building coal plants all over.

Sergey Mochalnikov, the head of the Russian Energy Ministry, announced the deal on Friday.

So, climate extremists will destroy the US economy and there will be no one to speak up for the planet.

Russia is going to supply India with 40 million tons of coal. Hey, climate peeps, India is also building coal plants all over.

“Now, an intergovernmental agreement with the People’s Republic of China is being developed and the figure is 100 million tons,” Mochalnikov said. “In the coming years, consumers should receive as much coal as they need.”

Russian news outlet TASS, which is owned by the government, reported on the deal, adding that Russia’s share of coal in the Asia-Pacific market has increased by 8% since 2010, with Russia now controlling around 12% of the market.

“We have good prospects until 2030, and Russia should take its share in this growing market,” Mochalnkov added.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago

Commerce is a great peace builder.

America is thwarting commerce in many ways. It encourages deindustrialization and negative growth. Which nation is the communist one?

Joe Pesci as the Funny Guy
Joe Pesci as the Funny Guy
2 years ago

They thumb noses and laugh at the faculty lounge.
MAGA was too much with mean tweets?
Enjoy America last or zero American then.
I wish the stories were more amusing but there is no joy in Unityville because the Great Reset Leap Forward has struck out.