Hey Joe, you said you’d promote unity! Dem tweets Articles of Impeachment


More than 150 House Democrats signed on to a resolution to impeach President Trump for “willfully inciting violence” in a way that resulted in a mob of his supporters breaching the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. They want to prevent him from holding future federal office.

California Rep. Ted Lieu shared the articles in a tweet. He said that the impeachment resolution was drafted with Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin and Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline. At least 150 House Democrats have signed on to it. Lieu and Cicilline are both members of the House Judiciary Committee.

The resolution includes just one article of impeachment: “incitement of insurrection.”


Not once, when the Democrat Brown Shirts were burning and looting, did the Democrats react. The Republicans didn’t either, for that matter.

The Stalinists are now in power, and they have made a mockery of the Impeachment process. It’s just a weapon now, and it’s very dangerous.

Pelosi thinks she’s a psychiatrist now, and she wants President Trump imprisoned. She says such terrible things about President Trump and never has a basis for it.


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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 years ago

There is nothing worse than a sore winner, especially in politics where they hold the power to enact their childish and petty vindictiveness.

Eric the Constitutionalist
Eric the Constitutionalist
3 years ago

This government is totally corrupt and it’s beyond redemption. We’ve tried everything within its system and they are proven useless.

There are only two options left: we do something ,or we perish in the silence.

One of the most important conditions for a peaceful or not so peaceful revolution is to have a base area,a foothold where we can make sure our words are spoken,our voices are heard,our ways of life are preserved,the ugly faces of what we oppose are fully revealed,and our enemies are not present and never will be present.

Our founding fathers were some of the wisest people in the human history.This System they designed has many paths and backdoors to make sure liberty and democracy is preserved and despotism is prevented.

However,after this corrupt,fraudulent election had happened,the individuals that We the People had entrusted to take charge of these paths and backdoors in this system,from SCOTUS to local officials, failed their duties.The establishment Republicans,even VP Mike Pence who had vowed to “fight until every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not counted” betrayed We the People.Only 6 out of hundreds of Republican lawmakers dared to uphold to the truth.

There are tons of evidences,tens of deponents,and there are even credible entities making forensic analysis of the widely used voting machines indicating 68% or so error rates.Even if these facts can’t overturn the election results,they are by any standards more than enough to raise the question about the integrity of the election process,to the extent that credible ballot verifications should be done to at least appease the people’s suspicions.But the allegedly “law abiding” party that asserts “there is nothing wrong with the election” refuses to do so to prove their “innocence”.Nobody gives a shit and no court or officials are willing to listen to and look at these facts.

So there can only be one conclusion.This system is proven to be hackable,this system can’t prevent to be hacked and this system can’t do anything to correct things after it’s hacked.

But our founding fathers did leave other backdoors in the system that they designed to fix things up even in such circumstances,namely the Second Amendment which gives arms bearing militias the rights to preserve liberty and the US Constitution.And the federated form of our nation that hints states’ rights to govern themselves by self determination,to seccede and to form another”more perfect union”.

When we have such a stronghold as I mentioned above,the tiny spark will transform into a wild fire and our cause will triumph.

I suggest we all move to a certain state and make sure that state is totally cleansed of corruption and will remain incorruptible,where the true essence of the US Constitution and the American Spirit is preserved and adequate adjustments and reforms are made to the existing US Constitution and our governing system to make sure no such thing can happen ever again.

We will find out everything that has caused the corruption beyond redemption that we see today in our government and we will fix all the loopholes.

There will be newly founded fair media with truthful journalism and remain that way,and there will be alternative social media that don’t and will never be able to censor free speech.

We will ban lobbying and lobbyists,we will ban political contributions,we will put term limits to lawmakers and important offices,we will make sure frequent elections are held and no established bureaucrats can either form or possess power,we will make sure the elections are transparent and fair and rigging the elections becomes impossible,we will make sure collusion between politicians and interest groups and merchants shall never have opportunities to happen,we will learn from the lesson of the corruption in the current system and we shall do all the other things to make sure big government,special interest groups and the deep state can never form and possess the power to manipulate our liberty and God given rights again.

Liberty,openness,fairness and justice are some of the things that made America the greatest country in the human history.Once we have a state and further a new union based on these principles where these principles are made sure never to be manipulated ,that union will have a better economy,better livelihood,strong power and it will be the union where the people’s will inclines.That Union shall reunify the 50 states and our country will emerge stronger than ever before.